Since the Jersey Shore Orthodox Rabbinate serves both the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Community, our standards have to assure that both traditions are well served.  Our level of Kashrut is respected by every major Kosher supervising agency.

Welcome to the New Jersey Shore!

The perfect place to live, vacation, or come for the summer

Here in Monmouth County, New Jersey we are blessed with an abundance of kosher food outlets, synagogues, yeshivot, places to stay and visit and the allure of the Atlantic Ocean.  It is our job at the Jersey Shore Orthodox Rabbinate to assure you the highest standard of kashrut for all our participating locations.  Our community has a wide variety of kosher restaurants, butchers, bakeries, and caterers.

Where to dine:

Here is our latest list of JSOR approved establishments.  It includes restaurants, caterers, ice cream parlors, kosher departments in stores, and butchers.

Where to pray:

Our county has many Orthodox Shuls.  The enclosed list  features our member shuls and a few additional ones.

Where to study:

There are two active Batei Midrash in Long Branch.  One in Congregation Ohel Simha on 295 Park Aveune, and a much larger Yeshiva, the Sephardic Torah Center, 213 Lenox Avenue.

Where to stay:

First class hotel accomodations are available near many of our shuls.  Here is a list of them and the approximate distances for houses of worship.  There is also a bed and breakfast in the City of Long Branch.

Help  with keeping Kosher:

Whether you have Kashrut questions to ask our Rabbi, or want instructions on keeping insects out of your vegetables, here is a wealth of information on many Kashrut topics.

       What to do at the       Jersey Shore:  The Jersey Shore has a large variety of places for you and your family during the summer season and all year round.  Click here


Remember electricity can kill!  Here are some tips to keep yourself safe in your Sukkah this Sukkot.  CLICK HERE

Kashrut Update: Sheng Mao is closed during the period of Jewish Holidays and will reopen in Mid-October. Eat-A-Pita, Avenue P Appetizing, Jerusalem II, and Down to Earth are closing or have closed for the winter season. Tutte Bene is now closed permanently.

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